Business Valuation

There are many reasons a business might require a formal valuation, whether its considering a merger, acquisition, joint venture, disposal, flotation, restructuring, turnaround or recapitalisation.  The valuation process is complex, require consideration of commercial and financial aspects of the business, both in past events and in the future.  They also require consideration of the overall market conditions and the particular circumstances of the business. Many factors may influence the end result: business activities, economic climate, location, goodwill, management structure, tax considerations and even the purpose of the valuation.


The valuation process can seem more complex than it is but it needs to be correct. There are different methods to value a company, all of which YWC Partners are capable of. We can make comparisons with similar businesses, assess the adequacy of your company assets or evaluate the cash flow.Valuing your business is essential to know how your business functions. A valuation is not just for boosting sales. With a proper evaluation you can understand which areas of your business are most profitable and where you can improve.

A valuation will help with:

·  Monitoring business performance against objectives;

·  Public offerings;

·  Taxation and negotiating with the tax authorities;

·  Business sales and purchases;

·  Business mergers;

·  Raising finance;

·  Company buy back of shares;

·  Tax planning;

·  Financial reporting requirements;

·  Shareholder/partner disputes;

·  Pension and exit planning.

We can also provide business valuation services for unincorporated entities and shares in unquoted companies based in the UK, including assistance with dispute resolution and litigation. Contact us if you have any questions.





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